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Dear Prospective Teammate,

Welcome to the DCIS Career Center. Here you'll find the latest job listings at our exciting and successful firm. Before you apply for a position with us, I'd like to tell you why a career at DCIS is a truly unique opportunity, and explain some of the traits we look for in our employees

Dot Com International Solutions is an independent consulting and technology services provider based out of Silicon Valley. Our client list includes large American companies such as Allstate Insurance, SBC Global Communications and Gap, Inc.

Because we are a smaller company, our employees have the chance to play a larger role from the beginning, without the bureaucracy or politics found in larger firms, and are able to distinguish themselves quickly.

We pride ourselves on being different from other employers in seven key areas:

Advancement - At DCIS, you'll have more opportunity to advance based on your own merit. If you're a team player and a solid contributor, there's no limit to what you can achieve.

Job Security - DCIS has been a successful company since 2001, with a growing client list of major U.S. corporations. The future looks even brighter. Our employees rest easy without fear of layoffs or job cuts.

Work-Life Balance - Happy employees are productive employees. That's why we value the importance of family and personal time and strive to make sure you'll have plenty of both.

Income - Our compensation is on par with large companies in the big cities. But because we're located in one of India's most beautiful and most affordable hill stations, you'll find your money goes much further than in the major urban areas.

Lower Stress - We work hard, but we never let it get out of control. Solid planning and dedicated a team help ensure we hit our deadlines without having to run ourselves ragged.

Benefits - You'll enjoy full benefits such as Provident Fund and full medical coverage. You'll have access to our local health spa. And based on your experience and position, you may qualify for company-funded room and board for you and your family.

Cutting-Edge Technologies - DCIS is at the forefront of the latest technologies, giving you invaluable experience with the most current Web-based and network applications.

Autonomy - We hire only candidates with a strong work ethic, and we trust their ability to perform. You won't find yourself micro-managed or over-burdened by the bureaucracies found in larger companies.

We're committed to creating great working relationships, so before you relocate, we'll arrange for you to come visit with the team, tour the facilities, and see our lovely Ooty surroundings with your own eyes.

You should also know that after six months of employment, you may be eligible to work at our U.S. headquarters in the exciting Silicon Valley.

So if you're the kind of person who wants to build your own future, wants to put your creative talents to work, and wants to utilize the latest technologies to provide superior products for our clients, then we want to talk to you about a career at DCIS.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Dot Com International Solutions