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Why Ooty is a Better Place to Live and Work

High-tech work in India used to mean you had to live near a big city, enduring pollution and crowded public transport day after day after day. DCIS offers an escape from the urban grind, in addition to a positive work environment, more value for your money, and a better quality of life overall.

At DCIS, we believe your life outside the office is just as important as the one you live within it, which is why we chose the idyllic hill station Ooty as the home of our development centre.

Located in the scenic Nilgiri Hills, Ooty is rightly called the Queen of the Hill Stations. Rich in Old-World charm and the best of modern comforts, this incomparable setting helps inspire the best in our employees.

Apart from abundant natural beauty, Ooty boasts one of India's greatest densities of acclaimed educational institutions, making it the perfect choice for young couples wishing to provide the best for their children. See the links below for a small sample of our local schools, many of which offer top-level instructors in all disciplines and ample playgrounds.

In Ooty, virtually every corner is a prime picnic spot. Imagine being able to walk to a beautiful park or garden for your next family outing instead of having to drive 20 kilometers to escape the madding crowd. Fresh air and gorgeous outdoor scenery are at your doorstep.

Even more importantly, you'll find your salary going a lot further in Ooty than it does in the big city. While DCIS's compensation is on-par with larger companies, the cost of living here is much lower. You'll be able to afford a better quality of life for you and your family than you could ever dream of achieving in the crowded urban centres.

Just imagine it: Less pollution. Less crime. Less traffic. Less stress. And much more value for your money. Simply put, life is better in Ooty.

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